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  • A Baby Sling Fit class is a great place to start coming with your baby to help get your body back into shape postpartum. We have a holistic approach to mind, body and baby. We know how important social interaction is for new mums. 
  • Having a purpose and being able to do something to help re-engage muscles that haven’t been used during pregnancy re-empowers mums and brings back strength. All this whilst bonding with your baby! 
  • Wearing a baby sling helps babies to be close to you, they can listen to your heartbeat and enjoy the movement that your body naturally does whilst exercising. Their baby weight is centred on your body so offers a positive resistance to movement that helps improve the cardio and strength of the mother.
Exercising after having a baby

When you’re feeling tired, being active may seem like the last thing you need. But regular activity can relax you, keep you fit and help you feel more energetic. It can also help your body recover after childbirth and may help prevent postnatal depression.

When can I start exercising after birth?

If you had a straightforward birth, you can start gentle exercise as soon as you feel up to it. This could include walking, gentle stretches, pelvic floor exercises and deep stomach exercises.

It’s usually a good idea to wait until after your six-week postnatal check before you start any high-impact exercise, such as aerobics or running.

If you exercised regularly before giving birth and you feel fit and well, you may be able to start earlier. Talk to your midwife, health visitor or GP.

If you had a caesarean, your recovery time will be longer, so talk to your midwife, health visitor or GP before starting anything too strenuous.

What should I be aware of before exercising?

Your lower back and core abdominal muscles may be weaker than they used to be.

Your ligaments and joints are also more supple and pliable in the months after birth, so it’s easier to injure yourself by stretching or twisting too much.

Don’t rely on your pre-pregnancy sports bra. Your back and cup size are likely to have changed, so get measured for a new one.

How do I know if I’m overdoing exercise after having a baby?

If your postnatal bleeding (lochia) gets heavier or changes colour (becomes pink or red) after activity, you could be overdoing it. You’re also likely to feel very tired.

Listen to your body. Pace yourself and make sure you get plenty of rest, too.

  • We ask that you make sure you are signed off by your doctor before you do any form of exercise postpartum. For natural childbirth with no complications this can be around 4-5 weeks postpartum but any complications or C-section it will be around 10 weeks. At the end of the day, you need to feel well enough to join a class.
  • We ask you to complete a health questionnaire to make sure you are well enough and any additional health issues such as dizziness, chest pain, diabetes or any joint pain we would ask for you to get checked before accepting you into the class.
  • We also ask that you make sure your baby has been checked and is well and has no hip dysplasia or any issues that may make going into a baby sling anything to be concerned about.

It is of the utmost importance that both you and your baby are safe and well during our classes. The classes are low impact and controlled so there are no jerky movements and your baby is nice and firmly supported by your baby sling and also by you.

 We follow the Ticks Rules: 

1) Tight – the sling is tied firmly to you so baby is close

2) In full view – you can clearly see your baby and check how they are ding throughout the class

3) Close enough to kiss – baby will be close enough to kiss their forehead

4) Keep chin off chest – you can check to make sure baby has a clear airway

5) Supported back – make sure your sling is firm enough to support baby’s back in the correct position 

We are trained qualified fitness instructors and have knowledge and experience in helping mums put on Bambalino baby slings for the purpose of our fitness classes. We know the benefits of babywearing and support all parents wanting to baby wear, however, we are not baby sling consultants. We are trained in anatomy and physiology for both mother and baby and we have ante and postnatal training so you are in expert hands.

 If you are interested in knowing all about the benefits of baby slings and the variety of baby slings on the market then please do get in touch with a baby sling consultant in your local area. There are also baby sling libraries to go to where you can try out a range of baby slings to see which one works for you.


Please consult with your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have any physical discomfort you should stop immediately and let your instructor know.

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