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Starts 5th October 2020


My 21 Day KICKSTART PROGRAM is starting 5th October and I’d love you to join in 🙌🏻
21 Days is a perfect starting point to get you started on new habits, routines and feeling good 🙌🏻
If you are in your 40’s and 50’s you will probably be feeling the effects of perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause.
Are you currently experiencing all or some of these symptoms:
➡️ Waking up feeling tired, lack lustre, lethargic and have no energy – even after a reasonable night sleep!
➡️ You may start getting hot flashes or sweats when you least expect it – mainly at night!!
➡️ You get foggy headed, can’t remember what you were doing or just can’t concentrate or just feel like you’re wading through mud to get to the end of the day!
➡️ Your mood swings might be on a yo-yo! One day completely fine, the next you range from feeling sensitive, to angry to frustrated to upset !!
➡️Your digestion and reaction to foods you have always eaten and loved may change. It’s harder to digest it or it makes you feel yucky afterwards!
➡️ You start gaining weight around your mid-drift and can’t seem to get rid of it!
➡️You have a low mood feeling most of the time and when it lifts it’s a joy to then feel submerged again very quickly.
➡️Your monthly cycle is all over the place – you go from regular as clockwork to anything goes!!
If you are feeling these things, then you aren’t going mad!! You are probably going through the perimenopause🙌😁 If you are feeling all of these things without a monthly cycle then you are in menopause or post menopause.
If you are in need of support then please join my 50 Shades of Menopause Facebook group
There will be lots of tips and ideas on how you can alleviate some of these symptoms 🥰🙌
If nothing else you can find like minded women and have a place to safely chat through anything that is bothering you!!
I am offering an EARLY BIRD PRICE OF £37 until 27th September. After this the normal price is £59.
There are limited places available on the Early Bird so BOOK NOW !