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ONLY £9.99 a month, less than a takeaway ‘latte’ a week!

We are really excited about our online Baby Sling Fit workouts that will enable you to become a #BSFMUM in the comfort of your own home!

We have put together some great workouts specifically to help you reconnect and engage your postpartum body. There is helpful postpartum advice and exercises to take you forward with your health and wellbeing in a sensible strengthening way.

The exercise workouts will be for you to do with and without your baby so you can create some special time just for you to re-engage your body, feel good and get your body back to your prenatal state. You can also do workouts with your baby in your Bambalino baby sling which will give you an added resistance to help strengthen and bond with your baby.

Build up your fitness across three levels, Starting Back, Level Two and Advanced.

Start Your Postpartum Fitness Journey At Home with your Baby!


All mums need a bit of help getting back to fitness

We have developed a 5 step program for you to follow

Birth to 6 weeks

This is your recovery time from a natural birth, 10 -12 weeks from a c-section. Take your time and wait for your doctor to sign you off ready for fitness.

Months 2 – 4

Try our Starting Back to Fitness we have all the safe exercises that you can do with your baby in a baby sling. Start off gently and build your strength.

Months 5 – 7

Progress to our Level 2 Progression videos. Once you feel stronger and ready to move on … these are great for toning, strengthening and improving your cardio

Months 8 – 10

Progress to our Advanced Level 3 when your strength & fitness level has improved. There are also some videos with resistance bands and dumbells to add additional toning.

Months 11 – 12

We have a range of workouts to suit you from Starting Back to Fitness through to Advanced for you to do with and without your baby. Get fit in your 1st year with us.

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