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Baby Sling Fit




Our Shenley Mum’s just before class starts!

Incredibly in this modern day and age Mums are not told much about the emotional, health & wellbeing benefits of finding a good physical activity / routine after having a baby.

Not only will it help your body get back it’s strength, but the mental and emotional benefits that will help you get through the tougher times!

So, here are some great reasons to encourage you to get out there and do a little exercise. To not only help you, but also give hidden benefits to your baby that you may not have been told.

The most important thing is to not start exercising until after you are signed off by your doctor.

This can be between 6 – 12 weeks postpartum. Your recovery and healing are an important first stage after giving birth so if you try and exercise too soon after giving birth you could potentially set yourself back.

Taking time for you with your baby!

Choosing to do a postnatal exercise class helps you to get out of the house regularly and move your body.

Directed body movement has a host of benefits, which includes:

• Improving your mood by releasing feel good endorphins, it improves cognition and re-connects muscle groups that have not been used during pregnancy, your core is one of the major muscle groups.

• By getting out to a class you will build your confidence and release feel-good endorphins. This lowers anxiety levels which are easily triggered in the first few months postnatally whilst you are settling into being a parent.

• The social element of going to an exercise class helps to build self-esteem with other mums. You can ask the instructor questions relating to your body and if there is anything bothering you or if you have health goals you want to achieve in your recovery.

• Exercise and movement improves your quality of sleep (even if it is disturbed by your baby!) It helps to reduce the risk of depression and gives mums increased energy levels that will help at times when you are sleep deprived

In our Baby Sling Fit classes you have your baby on you in a strong, firm sling, which offers a strength training element to your exercise. This does a number of additional things on top of regular exercise :

• Your baby bonds with you whilst you are holding them. They listen to your heartbeat, they feel close and safe. They love the movement, which is what they are used to when they are in the womb for the 9 months of pregnancy.

• They help release oxytocin in the body, which is a loving hormone that strengthens the bond between you. So even with a sleepless night it can bring you both together and brings a feeling of calm.

• Exercising with your baby encourages them to see that movement is important by your example and most of the time with babies under 5 months they sleep through most of the class!

• The other great thing about working out with your baby means there is no excuse not to exercise!

Many of our Baby Sling Fit Mums have told us how good they feel following our classes and how coming weekly to a class has helped them meet other mums and babies, share their experiences and build new social networks which we all need to support and strengthen our wellbeing.

So, when you choose to go to a class or join a group of exercising mums, it will do so much more for you than just help you get strong it’ll deliver mental strength, calmness and a new social network.

Check out https://www.babyslingfit.com you can join our online classes or if you are located in or near Milton Keynes come to try one of our classes!